Helios Education Foundation Statement on DACA Decision

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Helios Education Foundation celebrates the recent Supreme Court decision to strike down an attempt to dismantle DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which ensures that Dreamers (those individuals who are impacted by DACA) can continue to work toward a successful future without the fear of immediate deportation.  This is the right decision, not only for these students, but for the United States.  The contributions these students have made, and will continue to make in the future, to our communities are immeasurable.

The work is not over.  These students need a path toward U.S. citizenship which provides them the certainty they deserve for their future so they no longer live in a state of fear.  We hope there will be serious, thoughtful, and productive work at the federal level to pass the American Dream and Promise Act. In the meantime, we must create a regulatory structure that allows college to be affordable for them so they can leverage the transformational power of education for a high-quality job and a successful future. 

Helios Education Foundation will continue to work in support of all students in Arizona and Florida and ensure that everyone, regardless of background or zip code, has the opportunity to succeed in postsecondary education.