Our Impact Plan

Helios Education Foundation’s Five-Year Impact Plan brings vision, rigor, and commitment to tackling educational inequities in Arizona and Florida. We will back the most-promising solutions to the systemic problems that perpetuate achievement gaps, while we build a strategic and equitable response for all children in both states.

We have a purposeful focus on results. The Five-Year Impact Plan focuses on three key drivers essential to getting students on track for college attainment:

  • Ensure that students are reading by the third grade
  • Increase college enrollments
  • Increase attainment of two- and four-year college degrees 

Across our work, we:

Lead and convene with data. We use accurate and credible data to illuminate the path to change, drive strategy, and inform decision-making.

Champion equity; defy complacency. We build on the public commitments to education in Arizona and Florida to leverage momentum for change.

Invest, partner, and measure progress. Our investments include collaborative planning, strategic advice, brokering partnerships, and communications, policy, and research support.

Provide exceptional and integrated organizational support. Every person on our team is committed to service and to impact.