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Helios Spotlight

Amparo Aguilera

Helios First-Generation Scholar

Hillsborough Community College

"In the hard times of this pandemic, I lost my job and transferred to the University of South Florida. Losing my job was frightening because I wasn’t sure how I would be able to pay for college. But, as a recipient of the 2020 First-Year Generation Helios Foundation Scholarship, it has impacted me in many positive ways. It is helping me pay for college without the necessity to have a job, especially with Covid-19 going around. It is helping me to focus on my studies, in order to pursue my desired career. This scholarship is helping me save money, in which that money being saved is being used for a study abroad experience for this summer. Studying abroad in Japan is one step closer to my career goal and this is thanks to the Helios Foundation. They are helping me build my career experience for the future to achieve my goal of teaching English in East Asia."