Board and Staff

Linda Thompson

Senior Vice President - Program Administration & Organizational Learning

Ms. Thompson leads the Foundation’s Program Administration and Organizational Learning activities.  She leads the Foundation's community investment and grant processes as well as oversees the development of the Foundation's evaluation and research agenda.   

Ms. Thompson brings over 20 years of expertise and experience in philanthropy and nonprofit management, community investment strategies designed for impact and sustainability, grant implementation, oversight and evaluation.  She joined Helios in 2008, helped shape the Foundation’s investment and evaluation processes and continues to evolve practices for increased impact.  Formerly with Valley of the Sun United Way, Ms. Thompson led a team that redesigned that organization’s investment policies and processes.  As a member of the United Way of America’s Strategies and Metrics Pilot Project, she helped design standardized outcome measurement processes aligned to broader national goals.

Ms. Thompson holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s of Health Service Administration, both from Arizona State University.

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