Statement on Arizona HCR2036 / SCR1007 and HB2598

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Helios Education Foundation believes that education changes lives and makes our communities better.  Helios also believes that it is in Arizona’s best interest  – both economically and socially – to make educational opportunity accessible and encourage educational attainment for every individual in our State.  We also know that our local communities are stronger when we work together - in all our diversity - for the betterment of all Arizonans. Needless efforts to divide our community undermine these values.

Helios Education Foundation opposes HCR2036/SCR1007 and HB2598, which divide our communities and unnecessarily put Arizona’s economic growth and development at risk.   Our economy has made tremendous improvements since the Great Recession.  We have also worked hard to overcome many of the negative effects of SB1070 in the past decade.  We need to learn from our history and not jeopardize Arizona’s economy and our reputation by passing this divisive and damaging legislation.   

We have made so much progress recently with collaborations such as Achieve60Az where the business, education, and larger community have come together around a statewide attainment goal to ensure Arizonans and the economy thrive into the future. The ability to collaborate and form consensus has allowed us to focus on positive steps to move Arizona forward.  All of that work is at risk. These bills are detrimental to our collective efforts and will negatively impact educational attainment, business development, and economic growth.    

Our elected leaders must focus the state’s attention on ways  to strengthen our communities, create educational opportunities, and foster economic growth through collaborative efforts that bring Arizonans together.  We must honor the unique diversity that makes Arizona the exceptional place we call home.