The Impact of Mentorship

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My name is Diana Arcos. I am a senior at University High School in Tolleson. There are 5 people in my family. I also have 2 peach-faced lovebirds and a dog named Sven.

My family often reminds me to always value the opportunities I am given and never take anything for granted. As a naive teen, I did not take their advice seriously when I first became involved with the Be A Leader Foundation in 8th Grade. I was eventually proven wrong because I was able to get many resources that have helped prepare for college and also make it through high school. When I started Senior Boot Camp, I was introduced to Edgar. We were encouraged to sign up for one-on-one meetings to get to meet the mentors and I decided to sign up for a meeting with Edgar. 

At first, I was scared to meet Edgar, but after working with him, I was able to accomplish many things and appreciate this opportunity. I was able to grow my writing skills for college essays. Through many meetings, I was able to develop, write, and polish a college essay. His help has assisted me in applying for colleges while also being able to present myself through my essays. Through Edgar’s help and mentorship, I was also able to make a resume. I wanted to apply for a job, but my resume was not presentable for the job. With Edgar’s help, I was able to get advice on how to make my resume the best it could be. He helped me tailor and also rearrange my resume to make sure it looked presentable for the job I was aiming for. 

Working with Edgar has made me realize the value of mentorship. Although it might be awkward and scary at first to meet someone new, a connection with a mentor is extremely valuable and beneficial. Mentorship does not only benefit people in their school life, but it can also assist in taking the right steps at different points in life like adulthood. Choosing wisely and establishing a connection with a mentor will benefit anyone in the long run whether they see it at first.

Working and having extraordinary mentors like Edgar will only aid me to be prepared in achieving my desired plans in the future of graduating from university and becoming a veterinary technician.