Breaking Ground on the Future

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On September 27, a new chapter in Helios Education Foundation’s story began.  Led by the Helios Board of Directors and joined by special community guests, Helios broke ground on our new education campus.  It was a great day celebrating this new endeavor and we were honored to have Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Maricopa Community Colleges Chancellor, Maria Harper-Marinick, join us on this momentous occasion.  We hope and believe that this campus will allow educators, public officials, business and community leaders to come together and work side-by-side to solve problems and create education opportunities for students in Arizona and Florida.

This campus has been a dream of our board of directors since the founding of Helios more than 12 years ago.  With this building, Helios is making a centuries-long commitment to our work, and I’m particularly proud to say that more than three-quarters of the space – upwards of 50,000 square feet will be used for our community and non-profit partners.

This will be a gathering place for education leaders, policymakers, teachers and others to strategically map out big ideas and build out public and political will for reforms that will break down barriers to a quality education.  It will be a place where Helios’ fundamental beliefs in community, equity, investment and partnership will be realized.

But, the only way any of that will happen is with your collaboration and support.  Please continue to join us as we work on behalf of students in Arizona and Florida.  Please continue to raise your voice in support of programs and initiatives that promote equity and create opportunities for all students.  Together, we can ensure that all students have access to a high-quality education and are prepared for success in college and career.