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Helios Education Foundation believes every individual in Arizona and Florida should have the opportunity to attend and be prepared to succeed in postsecondary education. In pursuit of our vision, we strategically partner to improve student academic preparedness across the education continuum and to foster a high expectation, college-going culture for all students.

In order to truly improve lives and strengthen communities through education, we view our role as much more than a grant-making organization. We are actively engaged in the communities we serve and strive to contribute our knowledge, expertise and resources to improve educational systems and the success of students in completing a postsecondary license, certificate or degree.

Throughout our three impact areas, Early Grade SuccessCollege and Career Readiness and Postsecondary Completion, we seek out and create opportunities to:

  • Strategically Invest - Make financial investments in programs and initiatives that align high-quality early learning for youth to rigorous K-12 educational experiences that provide academic support and clear pathways to postsecondary education preparedness and success.
  • Build and Reform Education Systems - Identify, disrupt, and address structural and systemic barriers to equity, access, and success for students.
  • Build Public and Political Will - Increase the awareness and understanding of the public and political leaders about the need for improved academic performance and degree completion by students and its impact on each respective state’s economy.
  • Collaborate and Convene - Bring leaders, advocates, and educators together to facilitate understanding and shared commitment to the success of students. 

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For more information about Helios Education Foundation's Community Investment strategies, visit  How We Partner.

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