Dual Language Learning

Dual Language Learning Programs in Preschool

Helios Education Foundation’s fundamental beliefs in community, equity, investment and partnership drives the Foundation to ensure that every student, regardless of zip code, receives a high-quality education.

As our communities become more diverse and our students not only exposed to, but fluent in, multiple home languages, it is incumbent upon our education system to not only honor, but also maximize this potential.

Helios Education Foundation, joined by partners Arizona State University, Childsplay, Inc., and Orlando Repertory Theatre, Inc., has engaged the Osborn and Creighton School districts in Arizona as well as Orange County Public Schools in Orlando in the implementation of a dual language learning program. The immersion model utilizes dramatic frames to bridge the linguistic barrier between English and Spanish in order to engage children in the holistic learning of both languages.   

Overview of Dual Language Learning - What is Dual Language Learning (DLL)? 

In Dual Language Learning (DLL), students learn content through both their native language and the target language. Unlike monolingual or English-only approaches, which prioritize one language, the goal of DLL is bilingualism and bi-literacy for all students. Each language is given equal weight, time, and status in the classroom and is represented in classroom materials: books, music, posters, and written communication with parents.

What is Two-Way Dual-Language Immersion (TWI)?

TWI is one model of dual language education where children learn each language and culture not just from the teachers, but from one another and from parents who spend time in the classroom. TWI programs have three defining criteria:

  • Student population should be close to half native English speakers and half native Spanish speakers.
  • Students stay in core content courses together.
  • Instructional time is split evenly between English and Spanish. This can vary. For example, one whole day in one language and then another whole day in the other. The instructional day could also be split. For example, English in the morning and Spanish in the afternoon or vice versa.

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