USF College of Education receives $430,000 for Helios STEM Middle School Residency Program

Posted on: December 15, 2011

Helios Education Foundation has funded a $430,000 planning grant to support the development of a new teacher education program for STEM (science, technology, engineering, & mathematics) middle school teachers at the University of South Florida College of Education (COEDU).

This program addresses the call to prepare effective teachers for the 21st century classroom by engaging them in a research-based teacher education program that involves field-based clinical training supported by skilled practitioners. Graduates of this program will enter the field prepared to teach STEM courses, ultimately enhancing teacher retention and student learning.

"I am excited by this grant opportunity because it builds upon our existing partnerships with Hillsborough County schools and engages us in the collaborative development of a new teacher education program that will specifically target the preparation of middle school mathematics and science teachers," said Gladis Kersaint, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics Education and Interim Director of the David C. Anchin Center and Associate Dean for Research.

"The goal is to support prospective teachers as they participate in a well-coordinated yearlong residency program that links theory with practice so that they are prepared to enter the field ready to affect student achievement in STEM areas," Kersaint added.

Collaboratively developed by the USF COEDU and College of Arts and Sciences, Hillsborough County Public Schools and Helios, the evidence-based program will focus on developing content and pedagogical knowledgeable middle school teachers (grades 5 - 9) who can support mathematics or science learning.

The program will link to practice in the field, by including a yearlong residency program and it will provide ongoing professional development for clinical faculty, cooperating teachers, and residents. The overall goal is to develop a model for teacher preparation that can be adopted by other COEDU programs and serve as a model for teacher education programs nationwide.

Category: College and Career Readiness

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