Students Engage in College and Career Readiness with Future Plans

Posted on: October 16, 2014

Pinellas County Schools students are empowered to take charge of college and career planning with the launch of Future Plans™.

Future Plans™, a collaborative effort between Pinellas County Schools and the Pinellas Education Foundation and funded in part by  Helios Education Foundation, is a college and career guidance program which evaluates student aptitudes, values and interests in alignment with 21st century careers.

“Helios Education Foundation is focused on ensuring that all students graduate high school ready for college and career,” said Helios Education Foundation’s President and CEO Paul Luna. “Future Plans™ not only enables students in Pinellas County to make informed decisions about coursework during high school. It also better positions students for postsecondary education success by linking their academic preparation to 21st century careers.” 

High school sophomores complete the Future Plans™ profile during the second semester of their academic year. Recognizing that each student is different, as is each path to success, the results of Future Plans™ can influence course planning for junior and senior years reflecting each student’s individual postsecondary goals.  School counselors advise students toward academic coursework as well as postsecondary opportunities in alignment with each student’s Future Plans™ profile.

Access to postsecondary planning is available to all Pinellas County high school sophomores. While the program is cloud-based and accessible from any computer, the establishment of college and career labs at all eight Pinellas County high schools is a cornerstone of Future Plans™.

The outcome of this initiative is to ensure Pinellas County high school graduates are prepared to engage in and complete their postsecondary education in preparation for the 21st century’s global economy.

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