Rigor and Relevance in Indian Education

Posted on: May 22, 2015

Recently, the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona and Helios Education Foundation partnered together on a report entitled Rigor and Relevance in Indian Education: State of K-12 Indian Education in Arizona.     

This report contains an analysis of the current status of Indian Education in Arizona as school districts throughout the state are implementing Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.  As these higher and more rigorous standards are being implemented, it is imperative that all stakeholders recognize, anticipate and plan for the impact on American Indian students, which are an academically vulnerable population.  These new Standards will include greater academic rigor and higher expectations of students, teachers and administrators.  

It is also clear that the Tribal Nations are committed to ensuring that American Indian students are prepared for success in college and career while also maintaining the sovereignty and cultural integrity of their communities that have been in place for centuries.  Promising practices have demonstrated that it is possible to incorporate tribal language and culture into the curriculum in a way that improves overall student success and helps to build strong Tribal Nations.  

Click here to view and download the report.  We hope it provides some valuable information to help ensure American Indian students and communities are prepared to take greater control over their own education goals, priorities and systems. 

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