Phoenix Suns Charities and Helios Education Foundation Award Full-Tuition Scholarship to High School Senior

Author: Helios Education Foundation

Posted on: April 17, 2019

Today, high school senior Carlos Yepiz, was awarded a full-tuition scholarship to Northern Arizona University.  Carlos is a senior at Franklin Police and Fire High School in the Phoenix Union High School District.  He was selected by the Phoenix Suns Charities Board of Directors based on his strong academic record and participation in several extracurricular activities.  Carlos has also participated in several of Be a Leader Foundation’s programs which has helped him prepare for success in high school and college.     

“We are thrilled to join Phoenix Suns Charities in helping Carlos Yepiz pursue his dream of attending Northern Arizona University,” said Vince Yanez, Senior Vice President of Arizona Community Engagement at Helios Education Foundation.  “Carlos is an outstanding young man who is an example of how hard work, dedication, resilience can lead to success.”  

In addition to his strong work ethic and strong academics, Carlos was a four time champion as a member of Franklin’s squad at the annual Arizona High School Fire Science Muster competition, active leader on the school’s student government and joined the JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) program at Metro Tech High School. Yepiz, who also works part-time and enjoys hiking, snowboarding and video games in his free time, aspires to become a neurosurgeon. 

“I’m thrilled to receive this full-tuition scholarship to NAU,” said Yepiz. “I’m looking forward to pursuing my dream of becoming a neurosurgeon and creating a better life for my family.”

Helios is proud to partner with Phoenix Suns Charities on the work they do to make our community a better place by supporting children and family services in Arizona.  Recently, Helios provided $250,000 in scholarship funding to Phoenix Suns Charities.

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