Helios Endorses Arizona Education Commitment

Posted on: February 16, 2011

Dear Education Advocates:

Helios Education Foundation stands firm in its commitment to change the lives of individuals in Arizona and Florida through education, and we're working diligently, alongside numerous community partners, to create more opportunities for students to succeed from their earliest learning years, through middle and high school and on to postsecondary education.

With Arizona's K-12 education system now ranked 42nd nationally, according to Quality Counts 2011, an annual study issued by Education Week, the importance of our Foundation's mission couldn't be more clear. That's why we've joined hundreds of organizations and individuals in support of the Arizona Education Commitment, calling on our state legislators to prioritize and protect education as outlined in the Arizona Constitution.

The Arizona Education Commitment is a nonpartisan, public awareness movement being led by the O'Connor House and Expect More Arizona, to advance positive and productive discussion about the critical state of education and elevate Arizona's constitutional duty to prioritize the maintenance, development and improvement of all state educational institutions.

While we acknowledge that our state leaders face difficult decisions during this time of economic recovery, we point to the education message our founding fathers outlined in the Constitution, that legislators should make adequate appropriations to ensure the stability and improvement of our state's educational institutions.

The Arizona Education Commitment proposes that state leaders mitigate Arizona's economic challenges by enacting the appropriate revenue enhancements and, in so doing, bring about increased incomes and added wealth to the economy, ultimately making resources available to properly fund public health and safety, thus limiting the need and severity of cuts to education and other priorities.

In order for our state and nation to compete in a global economy that demands high skills, technological advancement and innovation, we have to build and maintain a rigorous and relevant education system that is preparing our students to meet 21st Century requirements. Initiating more severe cuts to our current system will dim our chances.

Through the Arizona Education Commitment, we can all make the pledge to work hand-in-hand with state leaders to not only meet Arizona's constitutional duty, but to build an educational system that exceeds expectations and changes lives.

We encourage you to join us and show your commitment to education by signing the Arizona Education Commitment. Share its principles with your family and friends and let your legislative leaders know that education should be prioritized and protected. Sign up today at

Vince Roig Paul J. Luna
Chairman President & CEO
Helios Education Foundation Helios Education Foundation

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