Helios Education Foundation's 2009 Annual Report - A Year in Review

Posted on: April 28, 2010

Helios Education Foundation is pleased to present you with our 2009 annual report, A Year in Review. This interactive, completely electronic, online experience is a showcase of the partnerships, investments and commitments our Foundation has made over the past year.

The video stories, photo essays and articles highlighted remind us of the thousands of students and families that have been touched by new opportunities in education. We are working with organizations, schools and institutions and others in Arizona and Florida to make a difference across the education continuum. Through many of these partnerships, we are able to help bring teachers the professional development opportunities they need, help students transition successfully through the often unsettling middle years and help promote a college-going culture in our communities.

Through our community investment process, we are working everyday to create new opportunities for students to succeed. And, as part of that process, we know how important and valuable it is to share information and ideas about education and about the initiatives that are having an impact in Arizona and Florida. We hope you find this material insightful, and we encourage you to use it as inspiration to make education the foundation for future success.

Click here to view our interactive, multimedia report.

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