Baseline Established. AzMERIT Results Are In.

Author: Helios Education Foundation

Posted on: December 9, 2015

The Arizona Department of Education released the first scores of the state’s new assessment, the AzMERIT, which was administered in the spring of 2015. The results indicate that a majority of students scored below proficient and have not mastered English Language Arts and Mathematics material. 

The test, which replaced AIMS, is a higher rigor exam that is tied to the College and Career Ready Standards that Arizona educators are implementing in classrooms throughout the state. AzMERIT tests students on more difficult learning standards than the previous test.  AzMERIT also features more open-ended questions to help students demonstrate their critical thinking skills and abilities.  

The results of the test indicate that we still have work to do to ensure Arizona students are prepared for success in college and career.  For example, just 41 percent of 3rd graders are proficient in English/Language Arts and just 34 percent of 8th graders are proficient in math. 

“While the results are sobering, it is critical that we have an accurate understanding of how our students are performing academically. That will help us take the necessary steps to improve student success and ensure every student is on the path toward college and career readiness.” said Dr. Stacy Carlson, Vice President and Program Director, College and Career Readiness, Helios Education Foundation. 

The AzMERIT results from spring 2015 will serve as baseline data in which the state can measure future student growth and increased student achievement. In addition, educators use other ongoing assessments and evaluation activities, to inform classroom instruction. 

“The AzMERIT exam is an important indication of how our students are doing on the academic path toward college and career readiness and we need to pay attention to the results,” said Carlson. “However, it is only one indicator and as with any new testing instrument, it is being monitored, analyzed and adjusted.” 

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