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Partnering to Enrich Lives Through Education

Helios Education Foundation only accepts solicited requests for funding. Our staff of experts is actively engaged in the education arena within both Arizona and Florida-seeking out best practices, innovative approaches and other opportunities to strengthen and transform education, and ultimately increase student success.

We believe that partnership is the best way to achieve our mission of creating opportunities for individuals in Arizona and Florida to succeed in postsecondary education. Organizations from both the public and private sectors that are performing powerful and results-oriented work in our impact areas - Early Grade Success, College and Career Readiness, and Postsecondary Completion - may be invited by Foundation staff to submit a proposal.

Helios Education Foundation's Community Investments are directed by the following guidelines and criteria:

Investment Guidelines

Helios Education Foundation does not support capital campaigns, nor will it provide support to schools for general operating funds, teacher recruitment, professional development or classroom materials unless related to a specific program or initiative to be funded. 

All organizations receiving funding must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a qualified 501(c)(3) organization that has been in existence for at least 2 years or a public entity;
  • Provide services or programs within Arizona and/or Florida;
  • Be an educational organization that provides instruction, training or improvements to individual capabilities (e.g. school, college or university); or an education support organization (e.g. Local Education Fund, reform support organization or other education-related intermediary); or a group which provides instruction to the public on subjects useful and beneficial to the community (e.g. Cultural organization or community-based organization);
  • Have and be in compliance with an Equal Opportunity Employer policy;
  • Be in compliance with local, state and federal Anti-discrimination laws; and
  • Certify that you do not knowingly support, employ or do business with, directly or indirectly, individuals, entities, or groups that are subject to the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctions or those known to support terrorism or to have violated OFAC sanctions.

Helios Education Foundation Accepts Only Solicited Requests For Funding.

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