Yuma Union High School District Celebrates College-Going Rates

Author: Helios Education Foundation

October 30, 2015

Recently, the Arizona Board of Regents reported on how many 2014 high school graduates enrolled in postsecondary education upon graduation.  Of the 488 schools included in the report, college attendance rates of YUHSD schools are in the top 13 percent of the state. 

Perhaps even more encouraging is that the highest ranked YUHSD school is San Luis which is 100 percent Latino.  San Luis is ranked 45th with a college attendance rate of 70 percent.  That is better than 90 percent of schools in Arizona.  The other comprehensive high schools ranked in the following order:

  • Cibola High School – 64 percent, #64
  • Gila Ridge High School – 64 percent, #67
  • Kofa High School – 61 percent, #75
  • Yuma High School – 60 percent, #80

“This is definitely a point of pride for us,” said Toni Badone, Superintendent, YUHSD.  “We are working hard to create a college-going culture and to ensure that each one of our students understands the importance of postsecondary education.  We still have work to do but this is encouraging and we are recognizing this as a great success.”

Helios and YUHSD are partnering together on the Ready Now Yuma initiative which focuses on preparing students for success in college and career and creating a college-going culture throughout the district.  The study from ABOR is an indication that the District is making strides toward creating an environment in which students recognize the importance of postsecondary education. 

Click here to see the full list of schools included in the report.

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