Welcoming the Next Generation of Scientists

Author: Helios Education Foundation

July 5, 2017

On Thursday, June 22, Helios’ Founding Chairman, Vince Roig, joined TGen President and Research Director, Dr. Jeffrey Trent, to welcome the 2017 Helios Scholars at TGen

More than 45 students will be spending the summer working with world-class scientists on research projects that aim for new molecular-level discoveries about neurological disorders, infectious diseases, and many types of cancer. 
“The Helios Scholars at TGen internship program is extremely competitive and this year is no exception,” said Roig.  “I am always impressed by the students who are selected as Helios scholars but I think this year is a standout.  We have welcomed a stellar group of students who will leave a lasting impact on TGen this summer.”

Since its inception in 2007, Helios Scholars at TGen has been a flagship biomedical internship program for high school, college and graduate students in Arizona.  To date, more than 400 students have participated in the program and have furthered their interest in bioscience and medicine, creating the next generation of biomedical scientists. 

Through this program, students gain first-hand knowledge in a professional scientific laboratory, preparing them for success in college and career.  The expert mentoring provided by TGen scientists helps Helios Scholars hone the skills they need to become the next generation of physicians and researchers in the biosciences.

In addition to patient-focused research, Helios Scholars participate in professional development seminars, including science communication, public speaking, and basic business etiquette, as well as social activities to build and strengthen relationships between students. The program concludes each summer with a scientific symposium highlighting their research findings. 

  “We are extremely proud of our partnership with TGen,” said Roig.  “The Helios Scholars at TGen program is an example of how Helios uses partnership and collaboration to ensure that Arizona students have access to high-quality educational opportunities and are prepared for success in college and career.”

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