SEED School Miami Students Show Gains In Reading

Author: Helios Education Foundation

December 20, 2018

Helios Education Foundation believes that every student, regardless of zip code, deserves a high-quality education. In 2014, Helios Education Foundation forged a partnership with SEED School Miami based on this premise and a commitment to helping the school launch and scale programming for underserved youth. Four years later, SEED School Miami students have demonstrated promising results.

SEED School Miami is the third boarding school in SEED’s network and promotes college and career success among at-risk sixth through twelfth graders through holistic and individualized services. To reach their fullest potential, students are provided the opportunity to engage in a rigorous academic program, life skills curriculum, college transition and success supports, and wraparound services like mental health counseling. With Helios’ continued support, SEED School Miami has also expanded its Sparks curriculum, a social and recreational outlet for students who wish to participate in visual and performance arts, debate, athletics, and technology enrichment. 

Impressive gains in reading scores have been documented among SEED School Miami students from spring 2017 to spring 2018. As seen in the chart below, there was a roughly 30% increase in students meeting reading proficiency across sixth, seventh, and eighth grades within this timeframe. Additionally, students gained an average of 1.53 grade levels of reading in 6th grade, 1.18 grade levels in 7th grade, and .94 grade levels in 8th grade. 

While still too early to measure at SEED School Miami specifically, SEED schools in Washington, DC and Baltimore have shown high school graduation and college enrollment rates that exceed the national average. 

SEED School Miami currently serves 300 students in grades six through ten and will be at full scale by 2020, serving grades six through twelve. To read more about SEED School Miami, click here.

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