Florida Education Foundations Encouraged to Apply for Hurricane Maria Relief Funds

Author: Helios Education Foundation

January 11, 2018

The influx of students from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands to school districts across Florida as a result of Hurricane Maria led Helios Education Foundation to partner with the Florida Consortium of Education Foundations to support local, student-centered initiatives ensuring students experience minimal interruption to their education.  

“A number of school districts in Florida saw an increase in student enrollment in light of the natural disasters experienced last year,” said Paul Luna, President and CEO of Helios Education Foundation. “Our commitment to those districts and the new students they welcomed is an extension of our fundamental belief that education is an investment and not an expense.”


Local Education Foundations can seek funding from the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations for relief funds made available by Helios’ grant of $100,000 if their district has seen an increase of over 100 students from Puerto Rico and/or the U.S. Virgin Islands, or if evacuee enrollment represents an increase of .25% of total regular, full-time student enrollment. Early evaluations indicate the top five counties that experienced a surge in student evacuee enrollment are Orange, Osceola, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Polk.

Helios supports education initiatives throughout the state of Florida that prepare students for success in postsecondary education. “Our partnership with the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations is an impactful way to support educators, students and local communities,” said Charles Hokanson, Senior Vice President, Florida Community Engagement with Helios Education Foundation. From early grade success to postsecondary completion, Helios firmly believes that education changes lives and strengthens communities. 

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