Communications and Awareness Around Higher Standards and Assessments

Author: Helios Education Foundation

May 20, 2014

As a Foundation focused on ensuring student success, Helios Education Foundation supports the  implementation of higher, more rigorous standards and the adoption of aligned assessments to evaluate and ensure student learning.  Arizona and Florida have both adopted and are currently implementing high standards for K-12 students.   The Florida Standards and Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards both reflect a strong commitment to ensuring students are college and career ready.   

In order to support the new standards nationally and in both states, Helios is supporting several coordinated communications efforts aimed at increasing awareness and support of higher standards for students.

National Efforts

The Collaborative for Student Success
The Collaborative for Student Success is a grant-making initiative created with the pooled resources of a diverse group of regional and national education foundations deeply committed to improving public education. The members of the Collaborative share the belief that the successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards is an important next step in ensuring that all students are prepared to succeed in school and in life after school. The mission of the Collaborative is to support the state-led efforts of state education agencies and local education organizations responsible for educating and informing all stakeholders—parents, students, teachers and community leaders—about the new state standards and assessments. Learn more on their website at

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Center for Education and the Workforce created a video that promotes higher standards in education and presents the facts about how Common Core standards were written, adopted and are being implemented. In collaboration with organizations from all over the country, the video features education reformers, teachers, state and local chamber leaders and business representatives showing unified support for Common Core across generations, political lines and states. Helios Education Foundation has endorsed this video through its partnership with the Collaborative for Student Success. Learn more at

State Efforts

Arizona Aims Higher
Arizona Aims Higher is a campaign developed by the Arizona Public Engagement Task Force, which is an alliance representing more than 40 partner organizations in the state.  The nonpartisan, independent task force is composed of partners representing educators, community leaders, nonprofits, policymakers, business leaders and other key organizations that support education statewide from cradle to career.  Expect More Arizona is leading the communications, outreach and advocacy efforts in support of the Arizona Aims Higher campaign with a focus on increasing awareness and support of Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards among parents throughout the state.    Click here to learn more about the campaign.  (

Learn More, Go Further
Learn More, Go Further is a multimedia campaign being implemented by the Foundation for Excellence in Education.  Helios is supporting the pilot test phase of the campaign in the Tampa Bay area and there are plans to expand the campaign upon completion of the pilot test phase. Learn more at

Consortium of Florida Education Foundations

The Consortium of Florida Education Foundations advances K-12 public education in Florida by increasing the capacity and resources of member local education foundations in partnership with key stakeholders. The Consortium’s member foundations raise nearly $60 million annually to support initiatives that increase student achievement in Florida. They invest in programs not funded through tax dollars, including student scholarships, mentoring and other drop-out prevention strategies, teacher quality and recognition programs, classroom grants, literacy improvement strategies, technical/career education initiatives, and targeted support for low-performing students and schools. 

The Consortium supports the advocacy, education and engagement efforts of local education foundations toward the continued implementation of the Florida Standards. For more information, visit

Helios Education Foundation is proud to support all of these efforts as we collectively work to raise standards and ensure our students are ready to compete with their peers around the nation and across the globe.

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